Presidents Letter July 2019


President’s Letter July 2019


I thought it would be nice to start a “President’s Letter,” as a way to update our members of club activity. With that said, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Scott Pedram, and I am the resident of the Audi Club Rocky Mountain Chapter!

I’ve been working to try and develop some more events, activities, and participation in our chapter; which will hopefully also drive up membership. The strategy I’m using is the one from Field of Dreams: “If you build it, they will come.” At least that’s my hope! So far this year (at the VERY beginning of the year), we held two Adult/Teen winter driving schools on the ice at Georgetown Lake. We lucked out and had excellent ice conditions last season, so no need to cancel any of our dates like in years past. Let’s hope next year is just as good, as the dates we got from the town are not necessarily ideal (Dec 28-29, 2019; and Jan 13, 2020), but again, let’s hope for the best. Think cold Thoughts!!!

Then, in March, we had a social event at the Denver Auto Show, with a group lunch afterward; in April, a car detailing clinic at Adam’s Polishes (I’m hoping to have them do another one in the fall, so keep an eye out for that one. In May, Audi Colorado Springs invited us to their Grand Re-opening where we signed up a couple new members; and in June, we were at the Colorado Concours d’Elegance. To wrap up June, Audi Colorado Springs was extremely gracious, and offered our members complimentary tickets to each the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack, and Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Finally, we’ve opened registration for Mystery Rally! This is one of my favorite events for the year, and I’m excited for our route and destination this year. We’re limiting it to 20 teams, and are doing deferred billing, so sign up early!

Switching gears, I’m also fortunate enough to be a member of the Rocky Mountain Region of Porsche Club North America (RMR-PCA, or just RMR). I went to their new member social this past March, and I was in awe at how many people showed up, the number of activities they do, and the level of participation and involvement! I approached Jim Thorburn, the president of RMR, and asked how they were able to accomplish that. Short answer: a group of great volunteers, and have things snowball down the hill (hence my “if you build it, they will come” strategy).

I also asked if he and the rest of the board would be willing to mentor our chapter, particularly as we have an all-new board of directors in Audi Club RMC. There’s a lot of synergies between the two clubs: we are both part of the Volkswagen Auto Group umbrella; a lot of Porsche owners also have Audis as their daily drivers; and two of our sponsors sell both Audi and Porsche (Prestige Imports, and Ed Carrol Motors). They graciously agreed, and we have officially entered into a mutually beneficial relationship. As a part of this relationship, we’ll be working together on certain events, and also cross-promoting events.

I’m excited about the future and the possibilities; and hope we can grow our club to be as successful as RMR. I look forward to seeing you out at our events! Last, but most certainly not least, please welcome our new members, who signed up in the past month:

  • Ira Ehrlich – Evergreen, CO
  • Mark Baldwin – Golden, CO
  • David Lacy – Lakewood, CO
  • Bob Gibson – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Jeff Dinkel – Colorado Springs, CO
  • Matt Kranz – Denver, CO

Scott Pedram
President, Audi Club RMC

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