Road & Track: Porsche Built Three Wild Wide-Body Audi 100 Coupes to Help Develop the 928

source: Road & Track

In 1972, Porsche knew that its first V-8 would sit in the nose of a luxurious gran turismo, the 928. The company known for its rear or mid-engined, air-cooled sports cars was heading into uncharted territory. The 928 debuted at the 1977 Geneva Motor Show, but before it could get there, Porsche had to buy and chop up a few Audis, a Mercedes-Benz and an Opel to use as development mules. As Julius Weitmann’s and Rico Steinemann’s excellent book on the 928 explains, the car’s development began with a Mercedes-Benz SL, another front-engined, V-8-powered German luxury tourer…

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