quattro Magazine q4_2019: Event Report – Eurokracy 2019

words: George Achorn, photos: George Achorn, Ray Reyes

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As North American Audi tuning events go, Eurokracy is a bit of a time machine. While some of America’s largest tuning shows have hit speedbumps over the last few years with venue changes and the like, Canada’s Eurokracy reminds enthusiasts of what it was like at the height of the genre. 

What makes Eurokracy so great? For starters; venue consistency. Quebec government money helped build the Mirabel airport facility, and a public’s shift to use a more Montreal based airport left a huge swathe of tarmac largely used by aeronautical firm Bombardier and also the iCar automotive venue that features show area, dragstrip and even a road course. It’s a heck of a place to hold a car show. 

Next, Canadians’ love affair with the car is hardly waning. There’s a thing that happens in northern climates whether Canada, New England, or Northern Europe. Enthusiasts hole up over very cold winters and work the days away in warm garages, building incredible cars that they then reveal when the warm weather arrives. Eurokracy is a major benefactor of this phenomena. 

Lastly, clubs and vendors show up in droves. While those of us on the Audi Club national staff are relative newcomers to Eurokracy, others like our own Audi Club Eastern Canada and the independent Audi Club Montreal have been coming for years. We ran into industry players like Rotiform’s Jason Whipple or veritable local Unitronic’s Marc Pageau who both wondered what the hell took us so long to realize just how great Eurokracy is. 

It gets better for Audi fans in the Northeast who may be thinking about making the same discovery. Eurokracy is a great reason to plan an incredible road trip. Hit the interstate up through the Adirondacks and past Lake Champlain on your way to Montreal. Grab a hotel out by Mirabel, or perhaps downtown in a trendy historic part of Montreal for an immersive weekend getaway that also includes a rad car show. Eurokracy makes for a getaway and also a hell of a reminder why we’ve always loved the Audi tuning show scene so much. 

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