quattro Magazine Q1_2022: Member Profiles

Each month, our editors choose a selection of Audi Club members’ personal cars to share with quattro Magazine readers. If you would like to see your car featured, send your name, hometown, model, model year information, and a short paragraph about yourself to [email protected].

Louli Kourkounakis – 2001 Audi TT | Plainfield, NJ
I’ve owned TT’s since 2010, this being my 2nd one. Finally got it to a place where it’s just about done. I’ve learned so much with this last one while helping work on it. It’s had 1 track day so far with hopefully more in the future! Outside of cars, I enjoy photography, paper crafting (I make greeting cards), and dogs! I volunteer as a foster for East Coast Corgi Rescue. We’re currently on our 3rd foster pup.

Susan Fernandez2021 Audi A4 quattro S-line | Denver, CO

I inherited my love for vehicles from my father, who let me honk the horn of our Corvair Monza when the winner took a victory lap at the races in Riverside, CA. He taught me to drive a manual gearbox on his ‘72 911 Carrera SC. 

This A4 is my third consecutive Four Rings product… loving it for its safety, technology, looks, mild hybrid, and of course for its speed! 

All manner of conveyances interest me (red pickup trucks, horses, big rigs) though Audi is the first brand to hold my interest. I count myself fortunate to drive this import from Ingolstadt!

Ami Brooks2001.5 Audi S4 | Atlanta, GA

I’ve been an Audi Enthusiast for over 20 years. I served on the Board of Directors for the Audi Club of Georgia for two terms and love the friendships I’ve made with other Audi owners. 

I’ve owned a 2002 A6 2.7t manual, a 1990 Coupe quattro, and several B5 S4s, but my current stage 3 plus is my favorite. It won best in class at Legends of the Autobahn East this year. Working on it and driving it is one of my passions. 

Daniel & Hope Barber2010 Audi R8 and 2020 Audi SQ5 | San Antonio, TX

Always loved German and Italian cars, but Audi really stole both our hearts during our eight years at Ramstein Air Base. Touring the factory and museum in Ingolstadt sealed the deal. We’ve now had 5 Audis since 2016 and there will always be one in our garage!

Felicia Martin – 2018 Audi SQ5 | Hickory, NC
My name is Felicia Martin, I’m a 30-year-old nurse from Hickory, NC. I have had my B9 for almost two years, and I have taken her from bone stock to the little beast she is. For almost the same amount of time I have had this amazing car, I have been a frontline nurse taking care of COVID patients at my small-town hospital. With the shutdown of pretty much everything, I had a lot of time to focus on my passion – the love of fantastic cars (the mandatory overtime made that a lot easier financially). For me, car projects provided the release I needed from the death and negative outcomes of our patients we worked so hard to save. Now that COVID numbers are decreasing, it’s still my passion, and it has become a family hobby that my husband and I include our six-year-old son in. We love seeing our passion grow in him, and hopefully one day cars will give him the same release from the world it does for me. 

Instagram: @noaveragemomcarsq5

Audi Modifications
-APR stage 1 tune 
-Vossen HF-3 20×9 wheels 
-AWE AirGate Carbon Fiber Intake 
-H&R super sport lowering springs 
-RSQ 5 honeycomb grille in gloss black
-Complete chrome delete vinyl wrapped in gloss black 
-Gloss black emblem replacements 
-Front resonator delete with x-pipe replacement -17.5 mm rear and 3.5 front wheels spacers 
-Maxton Designs rear spoiler extension 
-Maxton Designs front splitter 
-Maxton Designs side skirts diffusers

Ashley Oliva2014 Audi A4 | Fort Meyers, FL

I am Florida born and raised. I co-own a commercial refrigeration company with my husband, and I am a state certified HVAC contractor. We both share the love for the Audi Brand vehicles as well as Formula 1. I still have a lot of modifying I plan to have done to this sweet baby!

Philippe Lambert, Instagram @phil.lmbrt2012 Audi S4 | La Sarre, Quebec

My name is Philippe Lambert and I am from La Sarre, in North-Eastern Quebec! I own a Phantom Black Pearl 2012 Audi S4 that has been my little baby for 5 years now. It is my first Audi ever, and not the last. I always looked at the B8 model of the S4 because of the body lines and of course the fact that it was supercharged and not turbocharged, which I liked because it is different. The fact that they were available with a manual transmission was also very appealing. I always thought that it was a very good leaking [TS1] car and had a good potential for modifications. 

For as far as I can remember, I always liked cars and things with engines. The fact that you can tailor them to your likings is something that I really enjoy! I was also inspired by the local guys when I was young and said to myself, “one day, I will be like them.”

I love the fact that cars bring people together. I have made so many new friends because of cars. I live in a small region of Quebec where the car scene is not very developed and I worked with my group of friends to make the regional scene evolve. I run the regional car club and host events all throughout the summertime. This summer, we had a friend of ours suggest that we do a fundraiser for suicide awareness, so we went ahead with this and gathered over $1500 for the cause. I am pushing towards showing that car people are not all bums and hooligans and that we are humans and do good things for the community.

Lukasz Sikorski2004 Audi S4 | Flemington, NJ

I’m originally from Poland, living in NJ. I own one of the few in the world Audi S4 B6 RS FAUX’s. Full sheet metal widebody using B7 RS4 side skirts and other parts from that model. Our goal was to make it as close to OEM as possible, as if Audi built a B6 RS 4. Rocking a 2004 Audi DTM livery this past season. Hope you like it! 

Barnaby Jackson2018 Audi S5 | Providence, RI

I’ve owned three silver Audi Avants, and now an S5 Sportback. My first on the track was a B5 S4 Avant, 20 years ago, and here’s my current S5 at Lime Rock this summer.