quattro Magazine Feature Car: Sebastien Kirch’s Strong Start S4

words: Ray Reyes, photos: Sebastien Kirch

Editor’s Note: This article originally ran in the Q3_2020 issue of quattro Magazine. If you would like to subscribe to quattro Magazine, please join Audi Club here.

The Audi community is an eclectic group; some are racers, others love the low bagged life. Sebastien Kirch doesn’t really fit into either of these boxes. He’s a father, a family man, a network specialist in IT, and an artist through his photography. He is a member of Audi Club Eastern Canada and also loves his Audi S4.

“Seba” has always been a car guy. Like many whose parent was also a car enthusiast, the torch was passed down at an early age. This experience was important in his life, one he soon realized was a rite of passage for his son, Liam.

He admits that he is not a technical guy and doesn’t know anything about fixing cars, except for simple things like an oil change.  “I can take an engine apart but I would have no clue how to put it back together,” he says laughing.

Over the years, Seba has gone through many cars. When he began to experience more success and it came time to raise a family, an Audi fit the bill. He looked at older S4s and A4s, but then he test drove a new S4 at his local Audi dealership. After the drive came the sleepless nights and the decision of taking the plunge. The car he chose was a Prestige package, including carbonfiber beltline trim on the inside, sport suspension, heads-up display, and Glacier White Metallic paint – the last one available in Canada at the time. Finally, Seba had the car and “I’ve been in love ever since.”

This was actually his first automatic car. Though no longer rowing his own gears, the S4 did not disappoint. At first, “my left foot was always looking for the clutch pedal,” so that took some getting used to, but he adapted quickly to the S4’s automatic box and would now recommend it to anyone.

For his first modification, he added an RS-style honeycomb grill. He then turned to local Audi tuning shop, EMD Auto, in search of more upgrades. They helped him source a carbonfiber front lip and subtle carbonfiber rear spoiler from PURE. More carbon continued with rear diffusor and mirror caps from ECS Tuning. Finally, the black/carbon optics theme is finished off with satin black wrapped window trims.

He also wanted to improve the handling, so he had EMD install ABT HAS suspension. This lowered the stance of the car, bestowing it with a lower center of gravity, and stiffer feel for better handling.

For wheels, Seba went with 19-inch HRE FF01 in Tarmac Black for that sportier look that compliments the car’s Storm Trooper black/white theme.

As with the rest of the car, the S4’s performance is subtly enhanced. Specifically, it was fitted with an AWE AirGate carbonfiber intake that will soon be paired with an AWE Switchpath exhaust with carbonfiber tips.

You may have already guessed it given the mention of the planned exhaust, but Sebastien’s S4 project is never quite complete. As time and funds permit, his performance tastes and aesthetic eye have him constantly watching for ways to improve this constantly evolving sedan.