Audi Club Driver’s Clinic & NEW Sunday DE + Car Show

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Apr 24, 2021 - Apr 25, 2021
All Day

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Welcome to the Audi Club’s annual High Performance Driver’s Clinic (HPDC) and NEW Sunday High-Performance Driving Event (HPDE)! Both the HPDC and HPDE will be held on Summit Point’s Jefferson Circuit and should be lots of fun! You don’t need to own an Audi to drive with us.

Saturday Clinic
The event is focused on beginners/novice student participants who are starting to get engaged in track events or those who want to improve their driving skills for the daily commute.

This annual PCC-ACNA clinic is an instructional event tailored to the needs of members with no previous driving experience beyond the “normal” daily commute and driver’s ed classes. The clinic provides a safe controlled environment to learn and practice advanced defensive driving techniques and car control through a combination of classroom and on-track exercises.

For anyone who wishes to enhance their driving knowledge and enjoy a safer road experience through improved skills, confidence and understanding, this event is designed for that purpose.  It provides the ideal start for those who may want to progress and participate in our two-day Drivers’ Education (DE) events. ABSOLUTELY NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE REQUIRED and there will be plenty of patient instructors to help guide you through the day.

Over the past fifteen plus years, we have developed an outstanding program that puts beginners and novices at ease and offers valuable instruction even for those who have recently started doing Drivers’ Education events. The morning is classroom and car-control exercises including a wet skidpad, braking, and slalom. The afternoon finishes off the event by applying what was learned in the morning with on-track driving.

Sunday HPDE
This event is open to all run groups/skill levels (5-Green, 4-Yellow, 3-Blue, 2-Black, 1-Red) and includes classroom sessions for most non-advanced run groups. We aim to have four run sessions per group with a lot of track time, top-notch instructors, and an abundance of fun!

This event is an instructed event, however, due to COVID-19, the Sunday (HPDE) portion of this event will have both in-car and lead-follow instruction options will be available upon request. In-car instruction is currently mandatory for the Saturday (Driver’s Clinic) portion of the event.

Sunday Car Show
No membership required and completely free! Show off your Audi or VW at the track during our car show. Car show participants are welcome to stay all day and hang out with friends. Voting will be held from 10am – 1pm for People’s Choice Awards. All car show participants will also be invited to drive on track behind a pace car during lunch.

General Rules and Regs:

  • Driver School Event Rules – This page contains information specific to our two-day Drivers’ Education events, but much of it applies to this event including licensing, membership, CUV/SUVs, convertibles, car-sharing, and refunds/cancellations.

NOTE: Model years of some SUV/CUVs such as the Audi Q3 and Q5 (unfortunately not the Q7) and others are now allowed. Convertibles are permitted IF approved, aftermarket safety equipment is installed.  Check for models and rules in the Driver School Event Rules.

No special tires or brakes or other car modifications are required.  Learn more about your car just as it sits! Simply make sure the existing tires and brakes and other mechanical equipment are in good condition. You should have had your brake fluid replaced in the last 2 years.

The event does not require a tech inspection but we will perform an inspection at the track on the morning of the event.

Event Documents: Information will be sent out and posted as the date for the event nears

Sunday HPDE Info Packet

Sunday HPDE Schedule

Saturday HPDC Schedule

Registration Fees:

  • Saturday Student Fee = $215
  • Sunday Student Fee = $225
  • Sunday Provisional Instructor = $150
  • Sunday Full Instructor = $100 (refundable deposit after student evaluation is completed and within five (5) days of the completion of the event)
  • Sunday Helmet Rental = $40

Registration: Register Here!

Contact [email protected] for additional information

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