Revision Date:2/6/2020

Age & Licensing: 

  • All adults, 18 years or older, holding a full (not provisional or learners permit), valid driver’s license may participate in PCC-ACNA driving schools.
  • Minors, under 18 years old, holding a full, valid driver’s license (not provisional or learners permit) may participate in PCC-ACNA driving schools WITH a parent/legal guardian signing the Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement at the start of the event and witnessed by an Event Official.
  • Teens may participate in dedicated Teen Driver Education events with a learners permit, provisional or full license.

Audi Club (ACNA) membership:

Drivers and instructors participating in “high speed” events such as High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE or DE) and Lapping must be current members of ACNA. Membership is not required for visitors and guests who have not paid the event registration fee, including those who want a track familiarization ride as allowed by the event rules.

Members can contact ACNA at [email protected] or (262) 567-5476 to confirm your membership number or renew the membership at .

If you are NOT currently a member you may join online at Non-Audi owners are welcome to join as Associate Members.

If a registrant’s membership is not current and valid at the start of the event, the registrant will be asked to join/renew ACNA as part of the on-line event registration process.

Membership in ACNA also allows participants to take advantage of all membership benefits, which may include special activities and opportunities at Driver Education and other events.

Typical Event Info:

  • Five run groups: Group 5 – Beginner (Green), Group 4 – Novice (Yellow), Group 3 – Intermediate (Blue), Group 2 – Advanced/Solo & Instructor (Black) and Group 1 – Expert/Solo & Instructor (Red)
  • A minimum of four, 25-minute run sessions each day (8 total) along with associated mandatory classroom sessions.  Depending on the track, time of year, and other factors (e.g. safety considerations), run sessions may be added, removed and/or lengthened, shortened for a given event
  • Groups 2 and 1 (Advanced/Solo, Expert/Solo & Instructor) are open passing as long as everyone follows event, track, and safety rules (i.e. everyone behaves)
  • Groups 4 and 3 (Novice & Intermediate) may have passing zones expanded during a given event based on group behavior and are eligible to be solo’ed based on instructor feedback, track conditions, and other factors
  • Group 5 (Beginner) will spend time completing skid pad and car-control exercises, and additional mandatory classroom sessions before joining the other groups for full lapping sessions. 
  • Event T-shirt included with fee for certain events.

Driver Level/Group Guidelines:

The following are general guidelines for run group assignment. Final assignments and/or adjustments made during an event will also take into consideration attention to safety, driving ability, on-track behavior, and adherence to event rules & regulations. Driver/Safety Schools include those by other car clubs, such as PCA and BMWCCA, and/or professional training schools, such as Skip Barber. Final Run Group placement is at the discretion of the Event Coordinators and Chief Instructors.

  • Group 5 – Beginner (Green) = 0 – 4 days (no R-compound tires)
  • Group 4 – Novice (Yellow) = 5 – 14 days (R-comp w/ prior approval. Contact Event Coordinator providing previous instructor as references and other related experience.)
  • Group 3 – Intermediate/Solo (Blue) = 15 – 29 days. If you are registering for this group, please provide past experience that is equivalent to the PCC-ACNA Group 3 (Blue) in the MSR Resume section. Anyone with no previous Group 3 experience indicated may be assigned to a lower run group and assigned an instructor for at least one check-ride.
  • Group 2 – Advanced/Solo or Instructor (Black) = 30+ days (Advanced/Solo) or Instructors. If you are registering for this group, please provide past experience that is equivalent to the PCC-ACNA Group 2 (Black) in the MSR Resume section. Anyone with no previous Group 2 experience indicated may be assigned to a lower run group and assigned an instructor for at least one check-ride.
  • Group 1 – Advanced/Solo or Instructor (Red) = If you have NOT previously instructed for PCC-ACNA prior to registering, please check the “Instructor Program” information found under the “FAQs” section on the website for instructions.

Instructor Deposit: We require a $100 “deposit” as part of your registration.  Please see the Refunds and Cancellations section below for additional details. This policy is in-place in to reduce the number of last-minute instructor cancellations which adversely affect the attending instructors, event planning and finances, student participant experience, and have had a detrimental impact on the success of our events. 

We appreciate and thank our instructor corps who have supported our events and contributed to making the events successful! 

“Open Top” Vehicles – Convertibles, Targa, and T-tops:

Convertible with factory-installed rollover protection (either fixed or deployable), targa and t-tops (with panels installed), are permitted to participate in ACNA driving schools (i.e. HPDE and HPDC). . The following convertibles have factory rollover protection and are acceptable subject to chapter approval:

Porsche Cabriolet (996, 997), Boxster (all generations), BMW Z4, Audi TT Roadsters, A3, A4, S4, A5, S5, RS4 and RS5 Cabriolets and R8 Spyders, VW Eos, Nissan 350/370Z roadster, BMW M3 and 3 series (1999-present), Mercedes S, SLK, and CLK. 

For convertibles without factory-installed rollover protection to be allowed at ACNA HPDEs, the minimum requirements are:

  • A four-point roll cage consisting of a main hoop behind the front seats with two rear-triangulated braces must be installed.
  • Minimum of four-point safety harness with ASM (anti-submarining) technology must be used. Equivalent equipment (harness and seat) is required for driver and passenger.
  • Additional protection in the form of arm restraints for both driver and instructor is also recommended.
  • Enforcement of the “broomstick rule” for all occupants and vehicles. Minimum clearance (with helmet on) will be two inches below a straight edge, placed from the top of the roll hoop to the top of the windshield frame.

Please contact the specific Event Coordinator(s) and Tech Coordinator for clarification if you have questions.

High-Center of Gravity Vehicles (SUV/CUV):

High-center-of-gravity vehicles (Truck, Van, SUV-Sport Utility Vehicle, CUV-Crossover Utility Vehicle) are typically NOT permitted at HPDE or HPDC events, with the exception of those vehicles on the ACNA Vehicle Participation Exception List (see Appendix below).

With specific approval of the ACNA Chapter event master, registrar or chief driving instructor, CUV/SUVs will be allowed to participate at the following venues were maximum speed is not to exceed 50 mph if the activity is:

  • Exercises at a driving school held in a confined area
  • Autocross events if the maximum speed is controlled/limited
  • Teen Driver Education clinics
  • Winter driving schools, in snow or ice conditions


Helmets must be worn by all participants during all in‐car sessions other than low speed (50 mph or less) teen clinics, driver education, low speed autocross, track familiarization sessions and touring laps.

All helmets used in ACNA events require the current or immediately prior Snell Memorial Foundation certification sticker. At the time of certification update, helmets meeting the second prior certification standard will be permitted a use grace period through the end of that calendar year. Use of Snell Special Application (SA) rated helmets is required for all vehicles that have supplemental rollover or impact protections installed, including OEM and after-market roll bars or roll cages.

Use of Snell Motorcycle (M) rated helmets is permitted in stock vehicles that solely utilize factory impact protection but note that the M2010 rating will be the final Motorcycle (M) rating permitted for participant use in ACNA sanctioned events.

  • M2010 Valid until December 31, 2021
  • SA2010 Valid until December 31, 2021
  • SA2015 Valid until December 31,2026

Car Sharing:

In order to maximize your driving time, drivers are strongly urged NOT to share with someone in the same run group/level. 

It is possible to share with a driver in a different run group, however, due to group scheduling there still is the possibility participants who share will miss some on-track time due to the logistics of swapping drivers, instructors, etc. If you would like to share, please note the other driver’s name on your registration. 

Group 1 (Beginner) drivers should NOT share a car as doing so significantly reduces the benefit of the Group 1 program impacting the amount of exercise and driving time.

We try to accommodate car-sharers, but you may miss runs sessions if you chose to car-share.

Refunds and Cancellations:

All cancellations 21 days prior will be charged a $75.00 fee to cover fixed and administrative costs. No refunds will be made for cancellations made within 10 days of the event. If a participant registers within 21 days of the event and then cancels, the same policy applies (i.e. $75 will be retained if canceled 10+ days prior to the event, no refund if cancelled within 10 days).

If circumstances (i.e., acts of god or nature) force the cancellation of all or part of this event, the event coordinators reserve the right to retain a portion of the registration fees to satisfy obligations stemming from fixed and/or unrecoverable event costs. Our goal is to have all refunds completed within 6-8 weeks after the event. 

Instructor “deposits” will be refunded after the event and when student evaluations are completed. Instructors who cancel within 21 days of the event may not be refunded at the discretion of the Event Master and the Chief Instructor.

Final Note:

Please remember, PCC-ACNA driver schools are first and foremost driver education events with a focus on safety. They are NOT racing schools. Aggressive or reckless driving will result in expulsion without refund from the event and possibly suspension from future events. 

Drivers are financially responsible for any and all damages they make to the track facility and its parts.

Run group rules (e.g. passing zones), driver run group assignment adjustments, and other event logistic changes may be made at the discretion of the Event Coordinators and/or Chief Instructors to help ensure the event is safe and enjoyable for everyone.  All event staff are VOLUNTEERS, so please be patient and, if possible, lend a helping hand.


CUV/SUV Approved Vehicle Participation List:

Specific conditions are indicated in the parenthesis (vehicle specific note). Base model designations are shown (e.g. Q5) and this conditional approval includes the derived performance models (e.g. SQ5) even if not specifically listed.

In all situations, the Event Coordinator(s) and/or Chief Instructor(s) have final onsite authority to impose more stringent requirements for any event and also have complete authority to exclude any vehicle for any reason, including those shown in this list.

CUV/SUVs listed below may be used at HPDE and HPDC events. They must run on stock, OEM wheel/tire size),offset and “street” tires (UTOG higher tham 200 and are currently limited to Group 1 – Beginner (Green).

If your CUV/SUV is NOT on this list, you may email John Sullivan (PCC-ACNA Chief Instructor) for information on how to petition for inclusion.  This list will be reviewed on an annual basis.

ACNA Vehicle Participation Exception List:

  • Acura
    RDX (2007+), ZDX (2010+), MDX (2011+)
  • Alfa Romeo
    Stelvio Quattrofoglio
  • Audi
    Q3 (2014+), Q5/SQ5 (2009+), Audi A6 allroad (2001+), Audi A4 allroad (2013+)
  • BMW
    X1 (2013+), X2 M35i, X3 (2006+), X5/X5M (2006+), X4, (2014+), X6/X6M (2009+)
  • Cadillac
    SRX (2010+)
  • Ford
    Edge (2007+)
  • Honda
    CR-V (2007+), Crosstour (2010+)
  • Hyundai
    Santa Fe (2007+), Tucson (2009+)
  • Jaguar
    F-PACE (2017+)
  • Jeep
    Cherokee (2013+)
  • Kia
    Soul (2008+), Sorento (2009+)
  • Lexus
    RX (2008+)
  • Lincoln
    MKX (2007+)
  • Mazda
    CX-3 (2015+), CX-5 (2013+), CX-7 (2007+)
  • Mercedes-Benz
     GLA (2014+), GLK (2009+), AMG GLC (2016+), AMG GLS63
  • MINI
    Countryman (2010+)
  • Nissan
    Murano (2009+)
  • Porsche
    Macan (2014+), Cayenne (2006+)
  • Subaru
    Forester (2009+), Outback (2006+)
  • Tesla Model X
  • Toyota
    RAV4 (2006+), Venza (2009+)
  • Volkswagen
    Tiguan (2009+), Touareg (2006+)
  • Volvo
    XC60 (2008+), V-90 T6