Pirelli Launches The P Zero Winter At The Geneva Motor Show: The First Winter Tyre With The Performance Of A Summer Tyre

source: Pirelli

  • Track Adrenaline also makes its debut: a tyre with sensors connected to an app, for both gentlemen drivers and professionals
  • The first electric supercars with bespoke Pirelli tyres appear in Geneva: the ‘ELECT’ marking denotes tyres made specifically for these vehicles
  • P Zero Winter Skis: debut of new high-performance skis named after top Pirelli winter tires

Pirelli reveals an extensive line-up of innovations at the GenevaInternational Motor Show: the new P Zero Winter, the Track Adrenaline app, new ‘Elect’ sidewall markings and the Color Edition as original equipment. These are all the latest arrivals in the growing P Zero family. More than just a brand, P Zero is an icon: a famous name recognised by performance car fans worldwide, who know that it stands for a world of technology, passion, and exclusivity. P Zero is now enriched by some fresh products, able to add another dimension to Pirelli’s tailor-made strategy. Whether the customer is an individual or a global carmaker, Pirelli has a personalised solution to any specific requirement for all the most important cars in the premium and prestige sectors. Now added to the existing range is the winter performance offered by the new P Zero Winter, the artificial intelligence of sensors used for circuit driving by Track Adrenaline, advanced technology for electric supercars identified by the ‘Elect’ marking, and exclusive personalisation with the P Zero Color Edition family.

Andrea Casaluci, Pirelli’s General Manager Operations, said: “P Zero is Pirelli’s most important brand: the one that sets us apart. It represents an icon of performance and reliability in the automotive world. Starting with Formula 1 tyres, right up to tyres for electric cars and now also winter tyres – sold by the world’s most glamourous tyre shops – P Zero represents the very essence of our strategy. It’s a strategy that has turned out to be a winning one: we supply original equipment tyres to more than half the cars in the prestige sector, we partner with the world’s most important carmakers, and we continue to grow – accompanying our customers at this important moment of technological transition in the automotive industry.”


Pirelli’s most famous brand, which for more than 30 years has been synonymous with ultimate performance, is now ready to face the winter thanks to the new P Zero Winter. Pirelli’s winter tyre experience from the past has given the new product both safety and performance on cold asphalt, while the driving experience – unaltered in its purity – comes directly from the famous P Zero.

The world’s carmakers need tyres for their performance cars that can cope with the prodigious power and torque that these vehicles are capable of generating, even in low grip conditions. This convinced Pirelli to ensure that the new P Zero Winter followed the same path as its summer equivalent throughout its development, technical choices, and homologation with car manufacturers. No compromises were accepted in the pursuit of performance. The objective set at the beginning of the project and achieved at the end of it was to offer owners of supercars and luxury cars the same the driving feel that is typical of the summer P Zero, making the change of season almost unnoticeable. Compound, tread pattern, and technical solutions adapt the new tyre to the road conditions typical of winter, maintaining the same levels of safety and control

With the arrival of the new Winter tyre, the P Zero family now offers every type of tyre to equip the world’s most sporting and prestigious cars. Every tyre is distinguished by a specific marking on the sidewall that testifies to the joint development work carried out by Pirelli’s engineers alongside their counterparts at each car manufacturer, ensuring that there is a tailor-made Pirelli tyre for every car. This process sums up Pirelli’s ‘perfect fit’ strategy, with every marked tyre delivering exactly the right technical performance to complement the inherent characteristics of the car it is fitted to. This strategy is also rigidly applied to the new P Zero Winter.


The name is still P Zero but the focus shifts from winter to the race track, with the added intelligence of Pirelli’s Cyber Technologies. For those who like to put their supercars through their paces on circuits, Pirelli’s Cyber division introduces Track Adrenaline. This is a new track day product for gentleman drivers, professionals and driving schools, which manages to be simultaneously a lap timer as well as a real time monitoring system for tyre pressures and temperatures.

The system combines both telemetry and tyre data to identify and tell the driver when to warm up tyres, when it’s the right time to push for a flying lap, and when it’s necessary to come into the pits for a stop. Track Adrenaline consists of an electronic box that can easily be fitted to a car, as well as the P Zero Track Adrenaline smartphone app and P Zero Trofeo R tyres with sensors inside. The box talks to the app via wi-fi and provides a sophisticated lap timer, with telemetry information and real time analysis of each track session. Lap times, split times, maximum as well as average speeds, acceleration, braking, theoretically ideal laps and comparisons with previous sessions are among the displays that the app can offer every driver.

The Pirelli Track Adrenaline box is also equipped with a powerful GPS unit, which guarantees precise geolocation and definition of racing lines, as well as timing. Pirelli Track Adrenaline will be released onto the market in July and driving fans will be able to sample it as part of the P Zero Experience. Spa-Francorchamps, Abu Dhabi, Mugello, and Silverstone are some of the well-known circuits where Pirelli organises its own track days for customers, often in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious carmakers.


The evolution of P Zero also takes in the growing market for electric sports cars. The ‘Elect’ marking makes its debut on P Zero tyres in Geneva, describing tyres that are made for electric cars or plug-in hybrids. Pirelli tyres marked ‘Elect’ offer a number of advantages for eco-friendly cars, thanks a specific set of technical characteristics.

First and foremost is low rolling resistance, which helps to maximise each car’s range. Then there is a reduction in noise, to emphasise the quiet inside the cabin. In electric cars, the engine is no longer the primary source of noise, so combatting sound frequencies produced by the tyres accentuates one of the key advantages of electric driving: silence. Finally, the Pirelli tyres marked ‘Elect’ offer immediate grip in line with the intense demands from the transmission. Electric motors deliver the maximum torque available right from the bottom of the rev range, and so need tyres that are able to bite into the asphalt instantly. Each Pirelli Elect tyre is personalised to the vehicle it is destined for, following the Perfect Fit strategy. The first cars to wear these tyres are among those making their debuts at the Geneva Show: the Italdesign DaVinci and the Pininfarina Battista, two supercars powered only by zero-emission motors.


In Geneva, a new chapter is written in the revolution that has changed the face of tyres: the Color Edition, which now comes as original equipment from prestige car manufacturers. This is a new personalisation option for manufacturers, in accordance with the Perfect Fit strategy that provides them with tailor-made tyres to suit the specific technical characteristics of their vehicles. Now these tyres can come with coloured sidewalls. The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, will be among the first cars to be fitted with homologated coloured tyres. The demand comes directly from premium and prestige carmakers, who know that they need to offer their customers as many opportunities for personalisation as possible. Other prestige and premium manufacturers are also currently homologating Pirelli P Zero Color Edition tyres for their cars. The entire line-up of coloured tyres was on display at Pirelli’s stand in Geneva, from P Zero car tyres to Diablo Supercorsa SP tyres for motorbikes, right through to the Velo range.


In 2019, the P Zero brand comes to the forefront once more with new openings of P Zero World: Pirelli’s flagship store that lets visitors immerse themselves in the Italian company’s culture. Dubai opened in January, and Melbourne will open in the second half of the year: two new stores in areas where there is a strong market for luxury and sports cars. Following in the footsteps of Los Angeles, Munich, and Monaco, the Dubai and Melbourne openings add two new continents to the Pirelli store’s global presence. This ‘tyre boutique’ perfectly encapsulates Pirelli’s retail strategy but also symbolises the company’s prominence in the market: a place where customers can find the most exclusive products in Pirelli’s range as well as other dedicated services. It’s no coincidence that P Zero World is also the name of the stand that welcomes visitors to the Geneva Motor Show.


Being previewed at the Geneva Motor Show, the new Pirelli P Zero Winter Skiis instantly recognisable with the P Zero logo, Pirelli’s most important and best-known brand. For Pirelli, the P Zero is the ultimate symbol of passion, performance, and sportiness, and it is now also available in its winter version, designed for the most powerful supercars. The new skis have been created in cooperation with Blossom Ski – an Italian superlative manufacturer of high-performance skis – as a brand-new work of high-tech design, just like the new high-performance tyre developed together with leading manufacturers of prestige and premium cars.

Like the P Zero Winter tyre, which is designed to become next season’s benchmark for those looking for performance and safety also in winter conditions, the new skis by Blossom have been perfected to ensure absolute control and exceptional handling in their natural environment: snow.

The new P Zero Winter Ski has been designed with a top layer in Titanal to maximise torsional rigidity. Coupled with Pirelli’s unique anti-vibration rubber in a sandwich construction, it provides optimal stability at all speeds. This rubber, which has been specially formulated in the R&D laboratories at Bicocca to dampen up to 60% of the stress to which the ski is subjected during descent, has for the first time been made visible through the milling on the surface of the ski.

A competitive spirit and great versatility are the key attributes of this new product, which has been created for precise, technical skiing. P Zero Winter Skis by Blossom will be available in a limited edition of 300 units, in two colour variations of anodised Titanal, black or silver.

Available heights: 151 / 158 / 164/ 170 / 176 / 181
Corresponding curving ratio: 10 / 11 / 13 / 14 / 16 / 17
Sidecut: 121-71-106