Photo Gallery: Euro 18

Los Angeles’ own Petersen Automotive Museum has been making great strides at supporting and fostering the car enthusiast hobby in Southern California and beyond. As part of that initiative, it hosts a regular mix of car gatherings, one of the most recent being EURO18.

2018 marked the seventh annual gathering of this European Car Show event, now in a new home at Petersen. That pairing works well, as proceeds of the event go directly to supporting Petersen programs for spreading the love of the automobile to future generations.

Regular Audi Club contributor and photographer Denis Podmarkov was able to attend the event. As is usual for Denis, he shot a great mix of beautiful photos of the mix of Audi models that turned up. As is typical of the L.A. Audi scene, they didn’t disappoint.

In SoCal, there’s a heavy emphasis on new cars. Here, you’ll see many of the latest and greatest ranging from purely performance machines to cars specifically built for the look. Given the dry environment, older Audis are also common… typically in amazing shape, and the range of ur quattros, B5 S4s and more show the rich heritage of the modern quattro era.

Next, there are the modified cars. Looking over the gallery, you’ll find more modified than not. Even still, there were several that went well beyond the typical lowered suspension and wheels and into the world of the truly afflicted Whether it be a SEMA-veteran widebody A4 Avant or a C6 S6 with Lamborghini Gallardo V10 manifolds sticking up out of the engine bay, there was truly plenty to ogle at Petersen for this event.

Several sponsors also support EURO18 and deserve a mention. These include California Car Cover, HRE Wheels, and dubNation.

Thanks again to Denis Podmarkov for attending and sharing shots with Audi Club. If you’d like to follow Denis on Instagram, you can find him there with the username @_dpod_. See a full gallery from EURO18 below.