Olympic National Pride x Audi Enthusiasm

It’s that time, that time when interlocking rings don’t just represent the Audi brand. This past week, the 2018 Winter Olympics kicked off in PyeongChang, South Korea. As a result, showing your national pride is definitely hot at the moment, getting behind your home team as they take it to the rest of the world.

Watching the opening ceremonies and seeing the swank team winter wear got us to thinking. Inspired perhaps by Ralph Lauren (Team USA) and Giorgio Armani (Team Italy) designs seen in the opening parade of athletes, we started thinking about national pride in the Audi lexicon.

That took us to the TT Cup in 2015. That year, Audi Sport placed flags on the roof of each participant’s car… but with a twist. Each flag was contained within the confines of the rhombus that more commonly makes up the Audi Sport logo.

With that as a template, we created two designs for the countries that make up the membership of the Audi Club North America.  These were either an Audi Club North America text logo with each flag rhombus, or simply the rhombus alone for those who wish to carry their enthusiasm more subtly.

We’ve uploaded each of these four designs to our on-demand print store at TeePublic.com. You can also jump directly to each design via the links below.

Audi Club North America with USA Flag Rhombus

Audi Club North America with Canadian Flag Rhombus

USA Flag Rhombus

Canadian Flag Rhombus