Audi Club Oklahoma Travels Route 66 and Makes a Visitor’s Trip Worthwhile!

Meeting at Route 66 Bowl. Photo courtesy Seth Fox at Underline Photography

Last month, Audi Club Oklahoma cruised down Route 66 to check out the sites and enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. With nearly 15 cars total coming from OKC and Tulsa, the two groups stopped at landmarks along the route like the Route 66 Auto Museum and Pops 66 in Arcadia, OK. Meeting in the middle at one of the newer attractions on Route 66, was Route 66 Bowl in Chandler, OK where the club stopped to catch up, hang out, and check out everyone’s cars.

During the drive to Chandler at their stop for the Auto Museum, the Tulsa group met up with Markus and Alexandra, a couple from Bavaria Germany who were extremely excited to see Audis cruising together on Route 66. Funny enough, that same couple also stopped in Chandler for lunch where they proceeded to talk about their trip and share their own experiences with Audi. Markus even shared pictures of his own A4 Avant which he picked up new from the Audi factory in Germany several years ago!

The couple were in the US specifically to travel down Route 66 headed all the way to Los Angeles! Needless to say, Audi Club Oklahoma provided them both with club shirts and a club pin designating the 2022 Route 66 cruise. Not only did we have a great cruise in amazing weather with friends, we also made new friends who we hope to keep in contact with!

UPDATE 6/16: Markus has e-mailed back stating they successfully finished their trip and made it home safely. He states “Our meeting still fascinates me and when I tell friends and acquaintances, they are also very happy for us!” I hope everyone who sees this enjoys their images as much as we do. It was amazing meeting them and I look forward to hearing from them more in the future! Thank you Markus and Alexandra for hanging out with us! You are always welcome here in Oklahoma and anywhere else Audi Club is!

Markus and Alexandra at their starting point in Chicago
Markus and Alexandra at their end point in Los Angeles
Markus and Alexandra in front of the S4s at Route 66 Bowl in Chandler, OK