An Invitation from our friends at Porsche Club to see Greg Whitten and Bruce Wanta March 18!

Because an event like this is so unique and so rarely happens the PNWR is sharing the event with other PCA Regions and other Car Clubs in the Northwest.

A Rare Opportunity!

See 2 Collections!

Imagine what you will see!

Imagine the stories Greg will tell…

Imagine the stories Bruce will tell…

This event has been in the making for over 2 years. On March 18th, the PNWR will be visiting the Greg Whitten Automobile Collection and the Bruce Wanta Automobile Collection, 2 very fine collections in one day. Greg and Bruce will personally conduct the 2 tours and tell their personal stories about each car. The opportunity to see Greg and Bruce’s collections are RARE. The opportunity to see them with Greg and Bruce are even RARER! The cars are fantastic, but Greg and Bruce’s stories about each car are magical.

This is a Lake Washington Institute of Technology Charity Event.

For more info and to register (you must pre-register to attend this event) click HERE.