Next-Gen A6 Sedan, A6 Avant and S6 Spotted During Cold Weather Testing

Don’t let the familiar shape fool you. We’re told the hardware underneath these test mules seen testing in northern Europe is actually for the next-generation replacements (C9) for the current A6 and S6 models. Likely to be called A7 and S7 when they arrive (as Audi moves to reserve even-numbered designations for E-tron models), the ICE-powered prototypes shown here will eventually wear all-new sheetmetal for production. We expect to see disguised versions of the new bodywork running around later in the year ahead of the next model’s formal press introduction.

Of interest, the S6 prototype is equipped with high-voltage labels, indicating the high-performance variant may be getting a power boost from a plug-in hybrid powertrain, just as other competitors are using electric boost for more juice with the side benefit of reduced fuel consumption for short, low-speed trips.