New Audi Q3 Photos Leak

It’s not like we didn’t know a new Audi Q3 was coming. Test mules have been seen out and about for weeks now, so a new Q3 was imminent as part of a grand product rollout happening this year. All that said, we weren’t expecting final photos of the Q3 today… though they’ve apparently leaked just the same.

As one of the oldest offerings in Audi’s lineup, and smack dab in the middle of one of the market’s hottest segments, it was critical that Audi get their new crossover right. The current Q3 has been around for a while, and the architecture on which it resides has been around longer still. In as much, migration to the latest MQB transverse engine matrix is central to the generational change.

Photos reveal a strong family resemblance, with more cues from the refined Q8 than the equally recent and more aggressively in-your-face A1 Sportback. Details such as wheels and proportions are clearly from the Q8, though a bit scaled down.

The lone interior shot reveals a handsome cabin with a shift to what appears to be a large central touch screen.  If so, that marks an obvious difference from existing MQB matrix siblings like the A3 and TT ranges.

With these photos leaking, we expect more information on the new Q3 to come out soon. Official details on engines, drivetrains and available technology will undoubtedly be revealed at that time.