Neidfaktor Touch for North American RS 3

words: George Achorn, photos: Chena’s Photography / Neidfaktor
For years, the German firm of Neidfaktor has been showing off some of the ultimate in tailored Audi interiors. Taking Audi’s already benchmark cockpits and kicking them up a notch is their trademark, and this new RS 3 sedan just adds to a long mix of cars that build that hard-earned reputation.
Given their location in Hamburg, Germany, it probably is no surprise that most Neidfaktor-touched cars reside in Germany and greater Europe. Fortunately for fans of their work, Neidfaktor has more recently begun pairing with firms in other markets that has allowed them to expand their availability. In this case, the firm is High Performance Parts (HPP), and the market is Mexico.
For this particular RS 3 sedan, the client ordered a dashboard in Alcantara with red piping and stitching to further differentiate it from more run-of-the-mill RS 3 sedans. A custom steering wheel completes the tailoring, pairing these key upgrades with the RS 3’s already handsome interior.
If you’d like to check out more on this project and other Neidfaktor work, check out their Facebook fan page HERE.
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