MTM’s 1,001hp Audi C8 RS 6 Avant

words: Bill, photos: MTM USA

When the RS Q8 came out, tuners jumped on it and…well…tuned them into monsters. ABT SportslineMANHART, Wheelsandmore, and Lumma Design were just some who had added their own interpretation to the mighty SUV. Now it’s the Audi RS 6 Avant’s turn.

A stock C8 RS 6 Avant has 591hp and 590ft/lb of torque. If that’s not enough for you, MTM has the answer. With their Stage 4 upgrade, the ‘meek’ Avant turns into a ‘mighty’ Superman. Along with some tweaks to the ECU, MTM adds upgraded turbochargers, a larger intake, as well as boosted pressure sensors. All this adds up to an astonishing 1,001hp and 958ft/lb but it’s not cheap. These upgrades will cost you $43,599 on top of the cost of a new RS 6 Avant. If you have the means, you can turn your tires into a smoking mess…along with your wallet.