Monterey Car Week: Bonham’s Quail Auction Preview


There are any number of auctions going on in Monterey during car week, each by well established auction houses. For Audi enthusiasts though, there was just one this year that couldn’t be missed and that was the Bonhams sale held on the grounds of The Quail country club.

First and foremost, the Bonhams sale featured an array of Group B rally cars, primarily in road-going homologation form. Obviously, it was an Audi Sport quattro amongst that mix that drew our eye most directly. That car sold for $484,000, showing the market for the super limited production Sport quattro remains white-hot.

From an even earlier vintage and still bearing four rings was a 1939 Horch 930 V Phaeton. This elegant open-top tourer seems geared more for the Pebble Beach set, and it garnered a cool $102,300.

The Bonham’s Quail Auction was part of Audi Club North America’s Monterey Car Week 2017 feature coverage in the Fall 2017 issue of quattro quarterly. Given the print nature of the magazine, only a few photos from the auction were featured. Below is the full gallery of photos captured at the event. Enjoy.