Meet Erica, Winner of Audi Club North America’s 1985 ur quattro Sweepstakes

With the Spring 2022 Sweepstakes, Audi Club chose to do something a little different. After a long tradition of giving away new Audi models, we thought we’d change it up by offering a classic. There seemed no better place to start than the car that started it all, the Audi “ur quattro”. Many entered to win our 1985 quattro in Zermatt Silver and with 20-valve swap, but there was just one winner. Her name is Erica Mouzon.

Erica is from the Philadelphia, PA area, so was excited to learn that the car wasn’t far by. Its final location as we closed out the sweepstakes was Audi Allentown, where she was able to swing in and get first look at the car. Thanks to Marcus and the team at Audi Allentown for welcoming her in and sharing a couple snaps so our members could share in the moment.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Audi Club quattro Sweepstakes. Your participation in our sweepstakes help fund Audi Club so that it can offer programming throughout the year. Without your generous support, we simply couldn’t operate this organization at the level to which our members are accustomed. Thank you to all involved.

Now, did anyone else notice that last name? To quattro fans, it likely sounds familiar‚Ķ if not exact. Swap the “z” out for a “t” and you have “Mouton”, perhaps the most legendary rally drivers ever, star of Audi Sport, and the one-and-only female driver who set the World Rally Championship establishment on its heels at the wheel of her own “ur quattro”. What a great coincidence.

Next Up, another 5-cylinder Audi. Audi Club is Giving away a new Audi RS 3.

For 2022, we wanted to try to fit in two sweepstakes – one old, one new and to bookend the 5-cylinder era. With the recent launch of the new RS 3, Audi has given us the opportunity. We’ve just announced details of our Fall 2022 sweepstakes, and you can enter to win that car here: Audi Club RS 3 Sweepstakes