Lotterer’s Daily: 1984 Sport quattro (via Petrolicious)

We doubt the André Lotterer needs an introduction amongst our readers. As one of Audi’s top factory drivers during the Le Mans years and one of the trio of drivers who’s win was immortalized in the Truth in 24 II documentary, he’d already made quite a name for himself. Lotterer took it to Toyota in Le Mans last weekend at the wheel of a Rebellion LMP1, and he also remains a force in Formula E this season too… though none of that is for Audi any longer. Even still, André is the real deal in just so many ways that he bears a closer look.

For starters, André Lotterer doesn’t just own an Audi Sport quattro. He’s also modified it, and also drives it daily when in his current home town of Monaco. The car was Hohenester tuned including fitted with magnesium Group B spec wheels back when he got it, but he’s also lowered it and now runs a straight pipe just to remind his neighbors or even the folks on the other side of the small principality of Monaco that André is in town.

Petrolicious recently caught up with Lotterer in Monaco. They’ve run the full discussion on their blog HERE. They’ve added to that by including a bunch of photos André shot himself… as he’s not just an uber talented racer with great taste in vintage cars, but he’s also a rather talented photographer. You may already follow André’s main account on Instagram, but shots like these… his photography work… can be mainly found on his @pixofdre account. It’s a must follow to be sure.