Review: ACLS 2020 State Meet

Publication By Alexander Martinez
Photography by Rev Match Media

This year 2020 has been a tough one for everyone. From a deadly pandemic to a global movement for racial justice. The COVID-19, the 2020 ACNA National Meet cancellation, Australian bushfires, West Coast wildfires, Kobe Bryant’s death, stock market crash, black lives matter protests, Kim John death rumors, Eddie Van Halen’s death and murder hornets arrival in US did not discourage the Audi Club Lone Star Chapter for celebrating its 2020 State Meet. The state of Texas was on the plans for Audi Club North America celebrate its 2020 National Meet. However, due to the COVID-19 and travel restrictions the National Meet had to be cancelled. Hence, the Audi Club Lone Star decided to organize its 2020 State Meet at a smaller scale and limiting the capacity for the number of participants.

The 2020 State Meet kicked off when Audi Dominion and Rick Cavender hosted a dinner event on a Friday night at the Gristmill Restaurant in New Braunfels for the Audi Club Lone Star Chapter members. The club members enjoyed of a delicious dinner, drinks and giveaway items before going to a track day on the following morning.

In the early morning of Saturday, October 10th, 2020 the club members traveled to The Circuit of the Americas, home to Formula 1, MotoGP and INDYCAR to enjoy of a track day event with Edge Addicts. The event started with an early training session followed by 2 track sessions of 25 minutes each. More than 30 Audi drivers signed up for the sessions and put their cars on the track with an instructor. For most of the participants it was their first time on the track with their vehicles leaving on their faces a permanent smile from ear to ear. On the track you would be able to see all sort of Audi models, from A4 to R8 models and from stock to fully modified vehicles.

Saturday night, the club celebrated a social event at Aquabrew Brewery in New Braunfels, TX where the 2020 State Meet awards were announced and presented to the club members who excelled with their vehicles during the weekend. The 2020 State Meet award winners were:

  1. Best Stock – Jim Gates, Audi RS4 2007
  2. Best Modified – Neil Linko, Audi R8 LMS
  3. Best of Show – Trey Cassreino, Audi RS5

On Sunday, the State Meet culminated with a drive to Salt Lick BBQ in Driftwood, Texas to taste ribs, brisket and sausages in one of the most popular bbq places in the area. The Chapter members traveled back to their homes after a memorable weekend and looking forward for more big events like this one organized by the Audi Club Lone Start Chapter.

Even though 2020 was rough year for many people, the Audi Club Lone Star Chapter was able to ingeniously create a social distance and outdoor event for everyone to share time together and temporarily distract their minds from everything else that happened on 2020. The Audi Club Lone Star Chapter hopes the 2021 Audi Club North America (ACNA) National Meet is celebrated in Texas next year.