Member Profile – Rick Cavender

Audi Club Member Profile Article Questions


Tell us about your first experience with Audi.

I dated a girl in high school who had a very one of a kind Audi 100 sedan.
Interesting to note that only 46,000 Audi’s were sold that year in the US
(223,000 sold in 2018!) so seeing one of these on the curb of your high
school was pretty rare. I kept trying to get her to trade it in for a
Cutlass Supreme from my family’s Oldsmobile Dealership!


What are you currently driving?

I am very happy behind the wheel of my Audi Q8 Prestige….Daytona Grey with the Pando Grey interior.  I reluctantly just allowed my Team to sell my Ibis White A7 S-Line  with the black optics upgrade.


What is your favorite past, present, or future Audi?

My favorite Audi from past will always be the TT.  Hard to believe that this is the 20th Anniversary of this iconic styled coupe.  We recently sold one of only forty 20th Anniversary TTs released to the US market.  It was a fabulous Arrow Gray with the Moccasin Brown interior… this car was spectacular on our showroom!

My favorite car to drive was my 2018 Audi S7 with the titanium exhaust package.  What a great ride with the sound of power reverberating throughout.

There is so much excitement in the coming in the next 24 months.  In fact Audi plans 11 new product reveals in 2019 alone.  Of course we are all extremely excited about electrification and the all new Audi Etron Quattro which will debut in our US market this summer.  480 locations with over 2000 charging stations across the US are under construction as we prepare to introduce our Etron models.  Over 200 miles of electric range is coming….and then to present a halo to the Audi brand later this year we will present the Etron GT sport sedan which will have 248 mile range with a 0-60 mph performance in just 3.5 seconds.  This car will be an absolute game changer in our industry. 


What is your most memorable experience as an Audi fan?

A few years ago I had the great pleasure to drive the Audi R8 V10 on the Sonoma Valley Infineon road course.  16 hot laps with the pedal to the medal with both head sock and helmet.  Scared a little at first because the power was so immense..but I soon found complete comfort because the car had incredible performance and conformity. 

Then being a back seat passenger in the all new 2019 Audi A8 driving through the streets of Nice and Monte Carlo experiencing the all new touch pad technology with my feet in the foot massage chamber!  That was the ultimate luxury experience and made me very proud to be an Audi dealer!


What would you like to see the club to organize?

I would love for our club to organize an Audi Driving Experience day at the Circuit of the Americas….we have an incredible resource in Austin.

A full day of driving and then a reception and dinner to follow to meet other Audi Enthusiasts and reflect on our experience.


What would you like club members to know about you?

I am proud to be Dealer Principal at the all new Audi Dominion.  We would welcome you to visit our beautiful 145,000 Sq ft. Facility.  We love hosting Audi Club events.  I am also a musician leading my Rick Cavender Band.  We perform about 30 nights a year. In 2016 we invited Audi Club Members to Texas famed Gruene Hall when I released my last album “Renegade Fire”.  I am happily married for over 37 years to my wife Suzanne.  I have 2 daughters Courtney and Claire both married to wonderful men and 2 beautiful grandsons Ramsey and Calder!