Member Profile – Kami Case

Audi Club Member Profile Article Questions


Tell us about your first experience with Audi.

Circa 2006 living in Oregon, my friends bought a B6A4 that was both durable and fun. We drove it all over the mountains and camped out of the back of it along the Pacific Coast. They attended a few Audi events and came back raving about this “S4” version. Soon thereafter, I moved to Ohio and worked as a construction Project Engineer in the field and needed reliable transportation for snow and treacherous site conditions. I wanted something fun to drive too and recalled my friend’s Audi being a manual AWD. Audi Columbus had a Moro Blue, B6S4 sitting on their lot. One test drive and the rest is history.


What are you currently driving?

Elsa, Modified 2008 RS4 – Avus Silver Pearl


What is your favorite past, present, or future Audi?

The RS4. A sleeper, v8, manual that red lines at 8,000, in a small chassis. I drive a road rocket. Perhaps Audi will bring the RS6 Avant to the States and change my perspective. #savethemanuals


What is your most memorable experience as an Audi fan?

Honestly, my most recent outing with Audi Club Houston on their “The Drive v3.0 – Twisted Sisters” event. My car is stanced for the track with a KW Variant 3 suspension. I really got to test her out on those hills, doing speeds I shouldn’t mention around corners I couldn’t believe she gripped. It was thrilling!!


Do you have a dream car; what is it?

Since a little girl, I have wanted a Bugatti because of the design and torque. The real dream would be my Sunday driver; an old Aston Martin 2-Litre Sports (DB1) – David Brown’s first production with a whopping 15 sold and likely half of those left on the road.


Why did you join Audi Club North America?

Members from my first club, @DistristAudiClub, recommended it for the benefits and community events. 


Tell us about your first experience at a club event.

My first experience with the Club was a lunch event at Rudy’s in Austin. I connected with a few of the guys online and met them for lunch. It was a good time that really sparked my interest in the Club.

Cars & Coffee at Audi of America HQ in Herndon, VA. Outside of my small club cruises, this was the first major event I attended where there were close to 50 owners. It was incredible to meet so many enthusiasts and see what modifications they had done to their cars. We were also permitted inside HQ to see the showroom models up close. 


What past, present, or future club event would you like to see the club organize?

Poker Runs are a lot of fun! Very similar to an organized cruise but at each stop (5-stops), you draw a card from the Event Organizer’s deck. At the last stop, everyone shows their hand to win prizes. It’s not a race and preferred that the stops are scenic/interesting. Usually a sponsored event, so the prizes range from apparel to car detailing packages. We often had a local Audi Dealership sponsor it, so we could make them the last spot.


What would you like club members to know about you?
Currently taking donations for a Supercharger kit – @rs4_kami 🙂