Member Profile – Barrett Lanier – Houston Area

Audi Club Member Profile Article Questions


Tell us about your first experience with Audi.

My first experience with Audi was at a local dealership, now Audi Central. I was not familiar with the brand and only walked into the showroom because I was looking at a GLI at the VW dealer next door. I test drove a few cars and was impressed by the overall quality and feel Audi had to offer. I ended up taking home an A4 and over the course of a decade, many Audi Club events, track days, and 100,000 glorious miles I became an Audi fanatic for life.


What are you currently driving?

I currently drive two Audis, a 2005.5 A4 2.0t 6 speed quattro “stage 3” and a 2016 S3. Both cars have an two liter four cylinder turbo engine with quattro, four doors, and share very similar dimensions.  They are very different to drive however due to the different quattro systems, power output, and power delivery. It is fun to switch between the elegant and technology filled S3, and the analog and mechanical A4.

What is your favorite past, present, or future Audi?

My favorite past and present Audi, both of which are bucket list cars, are the B7 RS4 Cabriolet European spec and the ABT RS6+ Nogaro Edition. My favorite future Audi is the e-Tron Vision Gran Turismo. I was able to get a sneak peak of the Vision GT at the Audi Sport test tack in Neuburg, Germany and it completely changed my view on electrified driving.


What is your most memorable experience as an Audi fan?

My most memorable experience as an Audi fan has to be completing the Ice Driving Experience with Audi Club North America. On that trip I visited Audi headquarters in Munich, saw the assembly of the MQB platform cars, experienced the Audi Sport test track in Neuburg, received driving instruction from a three time Le Mans winner, and made lifelong friends.


Do you have a dream car; what is it?

It is hard for me to pick a single car, but I can say for me a real ‘dream car’ is something that I can drive to work, but also handle a full track day. In the Audi line up it would have to be the R8 GT V10 with a manual transmission, however I would not be disappointed with the Porsche GT2 RS, a McLaren Senna, or Ferrari F50.


Why did you join Audi Club North America?

I thought it was neat to be affiliated with the Audi brand so I went to a handful of events that offered special benefits for Club members. When I saw the perks of membership I joined.


Tell us about your first experience at a club event.

My first experience with the Club was a lunch event at Rudy’s in Austin. I connected with a few of the guys online and met them for lunch. It was a good time that really sparked my interest in the Club.


What past, present, or future club event would you like to see the club organize?

I would like to see the Club organize more motorsports orientated events such as auto-x, track days, and driver education events.


What would you like club members to know about you?
Besides being a fan of all things with four wheels and an engine I am a passionate dog owner of 11 years and recently got engaged to my wonderful fiancée Reghdah. I love all things Audi and are currently in the process of writing my own performance ECU tunes for my stage 3 A4.