Member Profile – William Jackson, III – Houston

Like many car aficionados, my interest in cars began early in life with my father’s muscle cars (GTO’s & Cuda). My first entry into German vehicles commenced with the BMW 325, later moved to the Mercedes Family (190 and SL500).

I entered the Audi family late in life, but glad I did. After repatriating, I knew I did not want to drive my SL to work every day, so I started researching vehicles for work. One day I saw this vehicle (A4) and the first thing that hit me were the headlights and the grille. Something about the grille, it was unique, profound, and made a bold statement “ready for the road.” Still reluctant of the brand, I scheduled a test drive in a A4 2.0T Quattro. I was very impressed with the ride, cabin space, and handing. So, my work car become an Audi A4. After the purchase, I received many jokes from my family and friends “You purchase an Audi for a work car” what happen to a Honda Civic or Hyundai.  Well after laughing off the jokes, I knew I made an excellent decision.

The family and I were in Germany for my son’s competition. Afterwards we toured the Porsche factory (I was interested in a 911) and we also visited Audi Zentrum Albrechtstraße.  After walking around my son said to me “dad I am really feeling that A4.” Like all great dads, I took this an opportunity to update my vehicle to the A6 3.0T and passed my A4 on to my son.

I have to credit Audi Club Lone Star and its members, who have been my resource for understanding the full capabilities of my vehicle and increasing my knowledge of the brand, from the “controlled” driving trips, dealerships engagements, shared learnings, and publications. So what is next for me, well I do have my sights on the S7 (maybe a RS7 if I can convince the wife) but until that purchase, I like to add the Stage 1 and 2 tune, and possibly add the Ultracharger to my A6.

I am often asked to describe my purchases of the Audi and I like to use a quote from the acquisition of my A6 “Young money buys BMW, Old money buys Mercedes, and Smart money buys Audi!!!!”