Member Profile – Ariel Esparza – San Antonio

I live and grew up in San Antonio with my family and friends who are as genuine and friendly as the people that live here. I enjoy spending time outdoors and traveling in the US and outside the country. I am currently the Audi Sport Specialist at Cavender Audi in San Antonio, TX and have been with the brand for over 3 years.

I have been an Audi fan ever since high school and would see various models being driven in my city as well as other areas when I traveled for work or personal. I have frequently attended various major auto shows in the US to see the current and upcoming models as well as concept vehicles. I would frequently visit an Audi dealership to experience the knowledge and service of people who share the same passion.

As an Audi Sport Specialist, I had the privilege of being 1 of 40 employees chosen in the US to attend the European Launch of the 2017 R8 outside Munich in March 2016. To say that was an amazing experience is an understatement, and it solidified my commitment to Audi and the Audi Sport division to create more passionate fans everywhere.

I was fortunate enough to take delivery of the very first 2016 Audi TTS in San Antonio as my first Audi. It is one of the most iconic models in Audi history and this third generation model introduced new technology such as the Virtual Cockpit display as well as a styling preview of the 2017 R8 coupe. I have enjoyed this vehicle tremendously and am looking forward to my next Audi very soon.

I feel very fortunate to be a part of a brand that is continuing to lead the way in new technology, safety and connectivity features never before seen in luxury brand vehicles. The continued sales growth and market share gains are a testament to the vision and unwavering commitment to become the number one luxury brand in the world by 2020. This year will see the most introductions of new or redesigned models ever in the US market with more performance models being introduced in each segment.

The future is extremely bright and I look forward to “creating more Audi fans” along the way.