ACLS 2013 State Meet and Chapter Update

Audi Club Lone Star 2013 State Meet Announcement and All Members meeting!

It really is amazing how time flies. I cannot believe we are already in the middle of May, it feels like just last week we were getting things started with Audi Club Lone Star (ACLS). Over the past five months since we initially reached out to the community, the Board of Directors has been hard at work to build the club with a focus on our members.

In our first message to the community back in January, we laid out our game plans and highlighted a few key things that we would be delivering to our members. Below are just a few:

• Provide Open Communication
• Seek feedback from members
• Plan the 2013 ACLS State Meet
• Enlist volunteers
• Establish an online community

From this list we have been able to make progress or reach completion in all areas. In addition to these items, the Board of Directors has been engaged in other activities to help benefit the club:

• Completed branding efforts which all members will directly benefit from in the coming months
• Established recurring events in most of the major metro areas across the state
• Successfully launched a new Web site, Facebook page, and Twitter accounts to ensure we are able to get information out effectively

Facebook: Audi Club Lone Star

Twitter: @AudiClubLS


But that’s not all…

The Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2013 ACLS State Meet!
We have finalized the dates and most of the agenda. We are continuing to add items to the 2013 ACLS State Meet to ensure it is a great experience for all those who attend.

The ACLS chapter will be holding an “All Members” meeting on Sunday May 26th where we will provide all of the details regarding the State Meet, in addition to discussing other accomplishments and future plans for the club. This meeting will be done via Conference Call to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to attend, regardless of where you are located. We will also have a Q&A session at the end where members can ask questions directly to the Board of Directors.

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP via the link below and we will provide you with the information needed to connect into the meeting.

We look forward to going over the information and hearing your feedback!

RSVP for All Members meeting