Audi Club Lone Star: Member Demographics Jan 2013

The primary focus of the ACNA Lone Star Board of Directors is to provide the most benefit to our members as possible. This includes everything from events, Online communities, membership benefits, and so on.

In order for us to understand how best to meet our goal, we took a step back and analyzed  the current member base to get gain insight. We looked at several items including location, history, vehicle type, number of vehicles, etc. This information is extremely valuable to us as we make plans going forward.

To make the information easier to understand, we made it visual in the form of an Infographic. This allows us to easily compare sets of information and see how different items relate to one another. For example, did you know that Q5’s are the 3rd most popular model for members to own in the club?

To see the full set of information gathered, please follow the link below:

Member Demographics Jan 2013