LEGO Ideas: Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2

photos: LEGO Ideas

If you have never heard of LEGO Ideas, it’s a really cool program where you submit your creations in hopes that you get enough votes so that LEGO will choose yours to become the next LEGO kit. Several fan submissions have been created and what better than to see your hard work on the shelves of stores. There’s a catch though…you have to garner at least 10,000 votes to get reviewed by LEGO. So here’s where we come in to support a fellow Audi enthusiast.

Maslmena has submitted this model of the iconic Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2. From the four rings in front to the large wing on back, it’s a pretty faithful recreation. It even has the legendary 5 pot!

Here is maslmena’s description:

This is my Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2. For me it is the most iconic rallyecar of all time with the amazing turbo sound. It was driven by Walter Röhrl, the best rallyedriver of all time. I decided to make my model a bit deeper in the front, because i love the scences when the car brakes and the turbo is still popping off.

Now a few facts about my model:

-Openable doors

-Adjustable seats

-Detailed interior

-Removable bonnet

-Evolution 2 bodykit

-Many air intakes

-Big rear spoiler

-5 cylinder 20valves turbocharging motor

-Brake fans on the front wheels


I hope you like my model and you vote for it!

Unfortunately, it looks like maslmena may not make the cut. With only 56 days left, he only has 45 supporters. Why don’t we rally (see what I did there?) behind him and vote?

Some people may think that LEGO models are for kids. I may fall into this category…

Hey! How did a picture of the corner of my desk get posted?!

Anyway, please go HERE and vote for maslmena.