Does Lambo Urus Hybrid Test Mule Reveal Hardcore RS-Car Drivetrain?

With electrification an inevitability, Lamborghini’s approach thus far has been to go with plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) variants of its future and current models. We’ve seen it already with the Revuelto, and here is more confirmation of Lamborghini engineers testing a PHEV version of the Urus. The PHEV Urus is expected to replace the non-hybrid versions of the Urus in the second half of 2024.

This latest test mule reveals production headlights. Underneath that camo is also an updated front end design, headlight shaping and even a new hood that stretches further down into the fascia. At the rear, updated taillights and updated rear bumper are also expected.

Another big surprises is a redesigned dashboard. Trim shaping is changed, and also the two infotainment screens are updated and the lower one has grown. The button arrangement has some changes as well.

The Urus PHEV will use a twin turbo V8 mated to an electric motor, which isn’t surprising given the Volkswagen Group parts bin. However, rumors suggest it may also use the newly-developed 8-speed dual-clutch DSG from the Revuelto, and possibly an updated version of the V8 slated for the upcoming Huracan replacement. That’s interesting news if true, and makes you wonder if some of this hardware could go into more hardcore RS versions of PHEV Audi models based on the same MLB-evo architecture as the Urus. The RS Q8, RS 6 and RS 7 all share drivetrains for the most part with today’s Urus. Could final run PHEV RS-cars share this?