Key Upgrade: Formawerx Open Spec DTM Keypiece

words: George, photos: Formawerx

When it comes to vintage car ownership, enhancing components a driver handles, touches and feels on a daily basis are a key way to enrich the ownership experience. And, while any number of companies can sell you high traffic touch point components such as steering wheels, seats or shift knobs, nobody’s ever taken a run on augmenting the experience of the simple key. Enter Formawerx.

Back when cars like our 1985 Audi quattro were built, and most of the time since, the original Audi key was about the best you could hope for. Lesser quality keys could be have at the corner hardware store, but these were all likely steps down from the plastic-headed OEM original. Worse, new-old-stock OEM keys are expensive and hard to come by. Whether you need a spare key or simply are looking for an upgrade, Formawerx has conceived a solution that is exceedingly stylish. Even better, they use the best materials, CNC machining out of block material for watch-like precision, look and feel that is far, far from the humble nature of a 1980s era key.

This California-based firm of designers, including some with Volkswagen Group experience, hit the scene several years ago with key designs specifically for Porsche owners. They’ve steadily been expanding their portfolio of uniquely designed keys to other models including the classic Land Rover Defender, Mazda RX-7, Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan GTR.

Late last year, Formawerx dropped their new Era lines keys, featuring three different key head design paired with “OpenSpec” blades, effectively offering a range options that allow drivers of most pre-2000s cars to build something unique. With three different head designs, three different head finish finishes, two different blade finishes and engraving available, owners of cars like our ’85 quattro can spec a key unique to their tastes and/or their particular car.

Of the three main designs offered in the Era series, we were drawn to the German-inspired “DTM” design. Reaching out to Formawerx, we learned that their team was very open to creating a special set of keys for our very special quattro and thus enhancing the ownership experience of the winner of this car.

What’d we order? You’ll have to wait and see, but we’ll be sure to photograph them with the car just as soon as they arrive. In the meantime, head on over to Formawerx website to check out more of their incredible product line.

If you want a chance to win this 1985 Audi quattro, along with two Formawerx OpenSpec DTM keys, enter to the Audi Club North America Spring 2022 Sweepstakes HERE.