Club News

Since we have State of Ky restrictions on the number of people able to gather as a group, a restaurant or pub meeting is too difficult to plan.  Cars and Coffee is the next best solution where the number of people grouped in one place would be less than 25.  For the Winter months, we are trying to identify a place where social distancing logistics would work.  Updates later.

The Club is planning a Fall and a Winter drive as a safe activity.  Since we all or mostly all drive quattro equipped cars, weather will not be a factor.

If possible, an Audi only Cars and Coffee at Koni North America headquarters in Hebron, KY will be planned for Spring 2021.  Wouldn’t a swag bag be a nice treat for participants?  Maybe a special surprise drawing for a new set of Koni dampers for your Audi would be interesting!  Updates later.

In National Club news, the current Board of Directors have made the decision to close the Club office in Wisconsin.  A new office location may be in the future at a later date.  All of the Club’s operations are moving to the cloud.  The National Convention in Austin, TX for 2020 has been cancelled and we will see about 2021.

A sad note on the local Audi scene is Todd Jamison passing away in June.  Todd was the finance manager at Cincinnati Audi East.