Ken Block and the Audi Sport quattro S1?

words: Bill, photos: Ken Block, Audi AG

Who is Ken Block? Unless you’ve lived under a rock for the last decade or so, he’s been all over YouTube with his wildly popular Gymkhana videos, he’s a co-founder of DC Shoes, and now is the ‘Head Hoonigan In Charge’ at Hoonigan amongst his many activities. Just a couple of days ago, he announced that his 10+ year relationship with Ford was coming to an end.

“It’s simply been a dream come true to work with the company that built the truck that my Dad drove when I was a teenager,” Block said in a release. “I’m super appreciative to Ford for the support over the years, but I am also looking forward to what an unrestricted 2021 holds, and the ability to spread my wings a bit and play with a lot of other toys.”

Play with a lot of other toys…and then he posted this to his Facebook page:

Holy cow…can you imagine what Ken can do to an S1?

2021 is all of a sudden looking pretty good if this comes true; well at least to us automotive hooning fans. We are going to keep an eye and ear out for any word that Ken has taking the wheel of an Audi Sport quattro S1 and post it here. If it happens, it’s going to be epic. Stay tuned.