Smithville Lake Drive

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7:00 am - 10:00 am

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——————-Second Annual Smithville Lake Drive ———————
Saturday Morning Cruise to the Lake – What can be better?!
This is a early morning driving event. Actual driving time of the route is 1 hour and 12 minutes. Our group is getting together at the gas station, to make sure that everyone got full tank of gas, full cup of coffee and empty bladder (sorry, but this is critical to a successful drive). We are going to drive thru some side-roads of Kansas City and Smithville, while enjoying the piece of the country roads. This route is very important to me personally, as I’ve been taking my cars there for years to enjoy quite morning, get a thrill of the hills, turns and accelerations and of course enjoy the view of the lake. We are going to have a 30-40 minute break right in the middle of the route to catch a breath, enjoy each others company, take a few photos and of course spend some time looking at the gorgeous scenery of the lake. At the end of the driving event, every one of you are more than welcome to join us at the Corner Cafe for the Breakfast/Lunch.

7:00 AM – Meeting at the Station (8050 N Brighton Ave, Kansas City, MO 64119
7:30 AM – Take off
8:15 AM – Break at the Lake
9:00 AM – Take off
9:45-10 AM Breakfast at Corner Cafe (8301 N Flintlock Rd, Kansas City, MO 64158)
Sorry for such an early start – but we want to make sure the drive is happening when the roads are least crowded.

Every one will be provided with the printed and digital map at the orientation at the Station before the drive.

For those who wants cool photos of their cars – Yes, yes, I am bringing my Camera…

Please note – this is not a race. We must obey the laws and be reasonable on the road. Safety is a priority!

Please note that this is not a racing event. Drive will
be happening on the city streets and we strongly
encourage all the participants to obey the traffic
laws and operate in safely manner. While participating
in this event, you are fully responsible for any incidents
or accidents involving you or your vehicle. Your vehicle
must be street-legal to participate. You must carry
current drivers license, registration, insurance and
any other documentation required by state/federal

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