Jon Olsson Reveals His Own RS 6 Avant F1. Announces New Company.

Skier turned social influencer Jon Olsson has been a fixture in the Audi tuning/building space over the years. A regular on supercar rallies, he’s built everything from roof box R8s, an Audi-powered Radical Le Mans LMP-looking road car, and multiple bonkers RS 6 builds. Following Jon’s Instagram account will see he plays with many cars and many brands, but it’s his latest RS 6 Avant that grabbed our attention yesterday.

His latest matte black RS 6 Avant has been popping up for a few weeks now, and yesterday he really grabbed our attention by dropping a mix of photos of the car wearing wheels inspired by Formula 1. Even better, he appears to be launching a brand Innonimate Unspecified to sell the wheels and other automotive parts he dreams up.

Here’s what he wrote:

F1 wheels on my RS6! Over the years I have worked on a million cars where I have brought my ideas to life, but it was always one offs just for me or for other brands. I finally thought that it was time to change that and start my own brand in the Automotive space. So I am very happy and proud to introduce @innominate_unspecified. This is where I will try and collect all my ideas and make them avaliable for people who are interested! This brand is probably not for everyone as I am not afraid to take an idea all the way, I love to make things that are different, things that seem to crazy to do and things I cant find everywhere. So I thought a set of F1 wheels for the RS6 was the perfect place to start, I had the idea as soon as I saw the new F1 wheels come in a couple years ago, but it took me a while to actually get it done, but I have to say that even if they are probably not for everyone I absolutely love the look they give! Also much thanks to Önder at @selectcars_sydab who has given me a ton of production knowledge and guiding me over the past year! Lots of ideas on the drawingboard but it feels exciting to be able to have started this new journey so if unique car parts and builds is something you like then go give @innominate_unspecified a follow to see what else we have in the making! New Vlog online now with more on the wheels!

Check out more information on this either on @jonolsson1 or @inonimate_unspecified over on Instagram.