Join Virtual Dustoff – A Virtual Car Show

words: Bill, photos: New England Dustoff

This is the time of year when people are completing work on their cars for the upcoming show season but alas…we’ve watched show after show cancel or postpone til later in the year. So what can be done to stave off the blues? Why, join a virtual car show, of course. New England Dustoff has been running for years and the organizers weren’t going to lay down after all their hard work. Virtual Dustoff was born.

This Sunday, April 26, the show will go on. Registration ends April 23rd at midnight EST so you had better hurry and REGISTER.

“After the Coronavirus forced us to cancel the annual New England Dustoff, we decided not to let that stop us from creating a place  for people to show their  cars. We’re also offering an exclusive “participant only” t-shirt. This will be available for purchase by anyone registering a car for our event. 

The “Main Show” will be judged by our esteemed judges from NE Dustoff, and we will have trophies for the winners. The “Spectator Lot” will be judged by our slightly-less-esteemed team from Revival Motoring and a prize will be awarded. The “Work In-Progress” section will not be judged, and is just a fun place to show off what you’re working on.”

So finish polishing your Audi and join in the fun…there’s even a coloring contest for the kids. It’s a brand new world for all so why not make the best of it? You can register your Audi HERE .