Italian flair made in Neckarsulm: the NSU Lambretta

  • The scooter was built and constantly reinvented between 1950 and 1956
  • The NSU Lambretta became an in-house development in 1956, the NSU Prima
  • 150 years of the traditional brand NSU: Series with classics and one-of-a-kinds from NSU’s model history – Episode 5

The Lambretta was a famous 1950s scooter with a melodic name and la dolce vita flair. It was not an NSU invention, but a licensed production based on the design of Italian manufacturer Innocenti, which was selling licenses to various manufacturers in different countries at the time. How NSU brought the Lambretta to the streets of Germany in 1950 is the subject of this fifth episode in Audi Tradition’s series on NSU’s model history.