Is This an Undisguised North American Spec Q6 e-tron?

This latest set of Q6 e-tron test mule photos shows a largely undisguised Q6 e-tron seen testing near the Audi factory. With the new Porsche Macan, another PPE-based Volkswagen Group EV crossover, having just been revealed days ago, we know it won’t be long before the Q6 e-tron is fully revealed. Audi has already shown camouflage livery versions of the Q6 e-tron and let a few press drive them, and now this particular car shows the car not only effectively undisguised, but most likely U.S. / Canada spec.

Since the early 1990s, Audi of America and Audi Canada have largely sold the same product. If a model is federalized for one market, then it’s federalized for both. Differences are few, and usually limited to minimal product planning decisions like color availability or option packaging. This area of business is the Volkswagen Group North American Region (NAR) and has unique telltale design elements due to NAR required equipment that differs from Europe. The main tellson this car is the more narrow license plate holder at the front and the rear. NAR isn’t the only market that utilizes such a plate, but it’s definitely not European. Another notable NAR element is the so-called “U.S. side marker”, or the amber reflector you’ll see in NAR front bumpers or headlight assemblies. As you can see on this car, there’s a small section of tape at the top corner of the Q6 e-tron’s headlight.

The lack of disguise also really emphasizes the new fender flare treatment on the Q6. The weighted top edges definitely seem to capture design elements first introduced on the RS e-tron GT and that definitely lend a more aggressive look to the Q6 e-tron over the Q8 e-tron. So how soon will we see the Q6 e-tron? We’re guessing it’ll be just a matter of weeks now, and that this car is wandering the areas around the factory with such little camo seems to suggest that as well. We’re also hearing rumors that Audi is hoping to have the Q6 e-tron in the North American Region by the end of the year.