Dr. Vinyl

I want the group to be aware of this guy.
I had some blood on my white suede leather seats in my 09 S-5.
I found this guy by word of mouth. I called him and he was down in Bedford at the Chevy dealer with his mobile setup. I spent some time “touring” down from my house in Brown county. And arrived at the lot.
I showed him the problem and expected the disclaimer, “well I’ll try but no guarantees.”  Nope he said, “give me 20 minutes and then it will need to dry.” I wander off to look a the Corvette in the showroom, $76K for a two wheel drive car?
So I gave him 30 minutes and when I wandered back I was SHOCKED!!!!! All the blood was gone no trace at all! Maybe the guys on CSI could find something there. He had it looking better than the day I picked the car up. Stunning work.
So I told him I would post. He gets around and if you have something that needs to be cleaned buffed or what ever give this guy a try.
I couldn’t be more thrilled.
Tim Sparks

Richard Pribble
317 431 1680
Dr. Vinyl