How Do You Check an Auto Policy for HPDE Exclusions?

[source: Lockton Motorsports]

“Always read the fine print” is good advice, especially when it comes to insurance for your Audi. But let’s be honest, reading a complicated insurance document isn’t much fun, so many skip it.

Most personal auto policies cover a lot, but they don’t cover everything. The last thing anyone wants is to have an accident during an HPDE event only to find out your insurance company excludes coverage for HPDE, as many do.

Luckily, you really only need to review a few key sections in your policy to check for HPDE exclusions:

  1. Declarations
  2. Exclusions
  3. Definitions

1. Declarations

The declarations page is found at the very front of your auto policy and gives a summary of all your coverage. It also tells where in the policy you can find your coverage’s exclusions.

For most policies, exclusions related to physical damage to your vehicle will appear in “Part D” of the policy under the heading “Damage to Your Auto.”

2. Exclusions

A policy exclusion is anything that is specifically not covered by your car insurance. You’ll find anywhere between 8–20 different exclusions within “Part D” of your policy explaining coverage for damage to your auto under the subheading “Exclusions.”

In most, if not all, personal auto policies, there is some type of exclusion that applies to damage done to your vehicle while you are participating in a driver education event.

Here’s one example of what an HPDE exclusion looks like from a real policy:

3. Definitions

Most of the time, policy declarations and exclusions are clear enough that you can understand whether your HPDE activity is covered or not. But sometimes, it’s necessary to check one more place: the policy definitions.

The definitions are used to define terms in bold or quotes that have a specific meaning. For example, you might think HPDE is still covered in a policy that only excludes “driving contest or challenge” events. But the definitions section may say otherwise:

Insurers have made a lot of changes to their policy terms over the last few years. So if you haven’t checked yours for exclusions recently, now’s a great time.

If you do find that your personal auto policy excludes coverage for HPDE, don’t panic.

Lockton Motorsports offers HPDE Insurance specifically designed to protect your car when you’re participating in HPDE events, so you won’t have to worry about costs if your Audi is damaged during an event.

Coverage includes:

  • Street-legal cars and non-licensed track cars.
  • Modifications you’ve made to your car.
  • Two drivers at each event at no additional cost.
  • Any demonstration laps your instructor drives.

Along with HPDE Insurance, we also offer Off-Track Insurance to protect your track car when it’s not on the track, Auto-Cross with Off-Track Insurance for autocross enthusiasts, and more.

Protect your Audi for you next event. Visit to get coverage today.

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