How Do You Celebrate 10 Years of the V10? By Disintegrating an R8 V10

words: Bill, video stills: Audi of America

Audi is celebrating 10 years of the V10 with the limited edition Audi R8 V10 Decennium. Only 222 individually numbered units will be produced. Audi is also celebrating this event by…blowing up an R8 V10.

Audi and artist Fabian Oefner takes you on an intimate tour of the R8 by taking it completely apart. Watching the time-lapse video of an R8 as it is disassembled is mesmerizing.

Although the video is only a couple of minutes long, Fabian describes the process of photographing every single part of the R8. Even better, Audi is offering the R8 Disintegration as a poster which can be found HERE. Enjoy the video.