Hoonigan Teases Electrikhana 2

photos: Hoonigan

There was a rumor that a second Electrikhana had been filmed before Ken Block’s untimely passing, and fortunately for fans of Ken, his über successful Gymkhana series and of course Audi, Hoonigan has now confirmed it is set to release this final installment.

Brian Scotto hinted at the next film for our Relearning Curves feature not long after the first one came out. By that time, we hear the Hoonigan film team had relocated to Mexico City for the next phase, including significant technical upgrades to the S1 Hoonitron’s drivetrain that would see it ultimately more controllable for Ken. Things like stepped acceleration and stepped re-generation helped him control the car, much like gears in manual transmission. This opened up even more tricks they hadn’t been able to try in Electrikhana 1.

The trailer below suggests the film will drop in December. In as much, expect it soon.