Hoonigan Club Day – VW / Audi TreffPunkt Compton

words/photos: Denis Podmarkov

It’s no secret that Audi and Hoonigan have formed a great friendship over these past couple of months. It’s also no secret that Brian Scotto is a huge Audi nerd who will school you on random and interesting Audi facts. We’ve seen the video where Brian and Ken Block take a trip to Germany and visit the home base for Audi. For those that went to SEMA, you saw the Sport Quattro replica and the Coupe quattro take front stage with Toyo Tires. 

If you didn’t get a chance to go to SEMA to see the two monster machines, you had another opportunity: Hoonigan Volkswagen Audi Treffpunkt Compton event. 

Last Saturday down in the City of Compton (not related to our president Ryan Compton), Hoonigan held their first VW and Audi event. It was an open invite to all VW/Audi enthusiasts and owners. Our Arizona chapter even made it out to support the event and to spread the wonderful benefits of being an ACNA member. 

If you’re reading this and you’re not a member, you can join HERE

The Treffpunkt brought honorary builds including some that we have already featured in quattro Magazine. Brian Scotto was making his rounds spreading the word on his Audi adventures including his recent purchase in Europe and his new RS2 Avant on Rotiform wheels. Drop a comment if we should do a full feature on it. The rest of the Hoonigan team gave us a tour and mentioned what plans they have for the new Hoonigan HQ. Jamie Orr brought his two VW builds after they made their debuts at SEMA. For a quick two hour event, it was the great way to start your weekend. 

Brian mentioned that this would be a yearly event and that they are working with other car clubs to bring even more events to their location. 

Should we host an Audi Club Members event at Hoonigan? Let us know in the comments.