Herbert Diess, CEO Volkswagen Group AMA

words: Bill, photo: Reddit.com

If you aren’t familiar with Reddit’s Ask Me Anything (AMA), it’s a Q&A session designed to bring in an authority on a subject to interested people. Herbert Diess is the chairman of the board of management of Volkswagen Group as well as the chairman of the board of management of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand. In 2018 he was named one of the “Best CEOs in the World” by the CEOWORLD magazine.

Here’s what he has to say in his Reddit introduction:

Hi Reddit, Herbert here.

I’m Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen Group. The mobility industry is changing more than ever before. Very attractive for the tech world. How are we tackling the new competition? Join my 1st Ask me Anything live on Feb 14th, 12.00 EST.

I am extremely excited and motivated to take part and play a role in a historic industry change. My colleagues at the Volkswagen board and I are responsible for successfully guiding this giant organism with a significant number of jobs worldwide through that transformation. A real challenge – I love it!

For an automotive engineer, these are currently the most exciting times imaginable:

Individual mobility will become safer, very sustainable, more comfortable and convenient, and more competitive than other means of transport. We will be able to take our hands off the steering wheel, so the car will become a time machine, giving us an additional few hours a week that we can use for communication, friends, leisure, playing, reading… This is undoubtedly liberating for many.

Technologically, this is probably one of the most exciting and challenging tasks globally. A combination of the best AI technology, the most powerful computing power, the latest sensor technology, and significant fleets for fast learning is needed for this historic transformation. We at Volkswagen Group are calling this future NEW AUTO world.

I am looking forward to the AMA with all of you to answer how we are embracing the new competition with the tech world.

If you would like to ask Herbert Diess any questions or read his answers, please join HERE.