Help Audi Celebrate Father’s Day with #DadMods…and Your Dad(Bod)



words: Bill, photos: Audi Genuine Accessories, H&R, Audi of America

Are you a dad or know a dad who owns an Audi with Audi Genuine Accessories and other modifications? Audi’s Instagram ( is looking for you.

Audi Instagram is looking for dads who love their Audi as much as their family loves them. All you have to do is tag a picture of you and your modded Audi with #DadMods. Flood Instagram with your photos. Be proud of your Dad (Audi) Bod. Maybe you will be featured on Audi’s Instagram page. Full vehicle shots are desirable (wink wink nudge nudge). Audi Genuine Accessories is a big plus (hint hint).

Happy Father’s Day!