Go For Gold: “ABT Aerowheel” Concept Study Comes As A Limited Series

[source: ABT Sportsline]

Speech is silver, just doing is gold – just typical for ABT Sportsline! The Bavarian company will produce an exclusive limited series of the ABT Aerowheel concept study, which was met with great enthusiasm in Geneva. The wheel will only be available in Racing Gold and 21″. After the limited special edition ABT RS4-R has now sold out and there are only precious few of the corresponding ABT RS5-R coupés remaining, the Bavarian tuner then already has the next highlight available for drivers of an Audi RS 4 or RS 5. The distinctive ABT Aerowheelwas designed for these two vehicles. For a total price of 11,690 euros for the complete set, car lovers receive a unique eyecatcher which is only sold through the ABT headquarters in alimited edition.

The exclusive “Racing Gold” color is only the icing on the cake in this extravagant design. The distinctive aerorings in visible carbon are the main difference to the ABT SPORT GR alloy wheel, on which the rim is based. The history of the new alloy wheel is just as exclusive as this special feature.

Originally the rim was only a concept study, which received additional backing through the special project ABT RS6+ Phoenix by Jon Olsson. The extreme athlete and former alpine ski racer became hooked through Formula E. This is where he previously met racing driver Daniel Abt. The son of managing director Hans-Jürgen Abt recounts: “He was fascinated by the wheels that we have on our cars there.” It was very convenient that the ABT Sportsline team had already been working on implementing an aerowheel for the tuning sector for a while, based on an idea by Hans-Jürgen Abt.

With Olsson’s input, the aerowheels for his ABT RS6+ “Phoenix” were developed first. These were handmade prototypes, which were based on the FR design, though, and differed significantly from the production version later on. Like the wheel, the aerorings were still made of aluminum then. The rims, which were first presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018, however, already gave an impression of the final look. “Due to the positive feedback from the show, we decided to produce a nearly identical limited series of the concept study wheel for the Audi RS 4 and RS 5,” enthuses CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt.