Concerned regular driver’s education courses are enough to keep your teenager safe on the roads? Did they get the experience to know how quickly they can stop safely? Or how wet roads or going off-road affect driving dynamics? Do you wish your teen had a ‘hands-on’ opportunity to recognize and handle unsafe situations?

Here’s your chance to give them that experience in a safe and structured environment!

For over a decade, the Glacier Lakes Chapter of the Audi Club of North American (ACNA) has taught hundreds of teens to become better, safer drivers. Our one day program consists of three classroom sessions and nine behind the wheel driving exercises with a personal, dedicated instructor. Our volunteers are highly trained driving instructors who teach drivers how to handle a car in various driving conditions and situations, and will provide encouragement and praise along the way. From slalom and skid pad exercises to braking and accident avoidance, we will teach your teen in one day what they were not offered in all of their Driver’s Education classes.

The exercises are both fun and tough. For example, imagine the challenge of blasting down the course and then braking hard enough, and at the right time, to stop in a space no larger than the average garage. Or, imagine driving through the slalom course, weaving through cones feeling the car swaying as the weight shifts side to side.

Perhaps the most challenging and the most fun is the accident avoidance exercise where the driver has to do what is totally the opposite of what they might expect — stop in front of a green light — but not before changing lanes and braking. The instructors running this exercise can be truly diabolical in their efforts to trick your teen into stopping in the wrong lane. It is debatable about who has the most fun, the instructors or the drivers. Either way, the outcome is a powerful lesson in how to react to the unexpected.

On the way home from a clinic, attendee told her mother that if her friend, who was in a fatal accident recently, would be alive today had she attended the clinic. While this is a very dramatic assessment of the value of the clinic, it makes the point that teen drivers do not get the same type of coaching and experience from commercial driver education schools. Commercial driving schools teach the rules of the road and get a student used to driving a car. Once teens get the basics from the commercial schools, they need to attend our Teen Driving Clinic to experience the nuances of keeping a car under control, even when the unexpected happens.