Car Control Clinic Format, Objectives and Curriculum


  • Multiple classroom sessions alternating with various exercises on the track
  • In car instruction and critique while participating in the exercises
  • Assigned, qualified, helpful instructor for the duration of the event
  • Clinics are approximately 75% behind the wheel – 25% classroom


  • To improve overall awareness of driving position and its effect on ability to control a vehicle
  • To educate on the physics that affect car handling, and how to use the physics to advantage
  • To significantly improve participants’ ability to control a vehicle in all weather conditions, both in normal driving and in emergency situations


  • Safety Basics
    • Driving Position & Attitude
    • Use of Controls and Mirrors
    • The Importance of Vision
    • The Traction Circle – Impact of Road Conditions and Tires
    • Car Dynamics – Weight Transfer and its Effect on Handling
  • Cornering Theory
    • Corner Geometry – Turn In, Apex and Turn Exit
    • The Six Zones of a Corner
    • Under-steer & Over-steer
    • Impact of Vehicle Drive System – FWD, AWD and RWD
    • Importance of Being Smooth
  • Braking Techniques
    • Emergency Braking
    • Braking distance vs. speed / surface conditions
    • Using ABS to Maximum Benefit
  • Real World Awareness
    • Courtesy
    • Following Distance
    • Changing road conditions and their impact
    • The Right Lane
    • Distractions
    • Proactive Driving vs. Reactive Driving
    • Merging Techniques
    • Off Road Excursions – How to Deal With Them Safely
    • Modifying Your Driving to Deal With Driving Conditions
  • Behind the Wheel Exercises
    • Braking, both dry and wet
    • Slalom – Weight Transfer
    • Accident Avoidance – Quick Left or Right Lane Change
    • Cornering – Left and Right
    • Forced Under-steer on wet skid pad
    • Quick Lane Change and Emergency Braking on wet skid pad
    • Forced Off Road Excursion
    • Final Test – Combination of Exercises above

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