Glacier Lakes Chapter Granted MSF Level 2 Certification for HPDE Instructor Training Program

Audi Club Glacier Lakes is proud to announce that our organization has been granted Level 2 certification by the Motorsport Safety Foundation (MSF) for our High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) Instructor Development Program.

Motorsport Safety Foundation Press Release

The mission and vision of MSF is to “Improve the standards and operations of HPDE schools, Instructor Training Programs, and Instructors to provide a safer and better quality experience for performance driving students and Instructors”.  In executing their mission, MSF has created standards for the selection, training and certification of High Performance Driving Instructors.  Our Instructor Development Program has been certified and exceeds MSF’s established minimum qualifications for training High Performance  Driver Education Instructors. As a result, we are now a Motorsport Safety Foundation Level 2 Certified Organization.

Program include both classroom discussions and in-car role play exercises

Since 1984 the leadership of Audi Club Glacier Lakes (originally Quattro Club, USA, founding Chapter of Audi Club North America) has promoted the same Instruction standards and principles that MSF supports for HPDE Instructors. As a club, we take great pride our heritage and are grateful to all those who have contributed and continue to contribute, to education, increased driver awareness, and reinforcement of sound car control skills that make our HPDE participants smarter, safer drivers.

ACGL Instructors Candidates who have successfully completed MSF’s Level 1 Certification online course are eligible to participate in our HPDE Instructor Development program. Many of our current Instructors have already successfully completed this online course. As the next step in development, an Instructor Candidate who successfully completes our program is eligible for Level 2 certification by ACGL.

We are grateful to our Instructors for their dedication to teaching our HPDE students and are excited to be able to offer them this certification. For our members, we are pleased to have external validation of our Club’s commitment to safe, quality instruction for our HPDE enthusiasts.

Instructors and Instructor Candidates Attending Development Session April 2019

We look forward to seeing you all at quattroberfest 2019 at Brainerd International Raceway!