Fourtitude: 2001 Audi TT Open Sky Concept by Magna Steyr

source: Fourtitude

Editor’s note: This is an article from 2014. At that time, quattro Magazine’s editor-in-chief was the editor-in-chief of Fourtitude

If you’ve been to the IAA, you know it’s gigantic. Likely the biggest auto industry show in the world, the event is spread across a massive complex of show halls. The Volkswagen Group less Audi takes up an entire show floor. Audi builds its own makeshift structure in what is normally a gargantuan courtyard. Neighboring halls house still more car manufacturers, aftermarket tuners and OE suppliers.

Likely the car you see here was in one of the OE supplier halls and on the stand of component manufacturer Magna Steyr. We tend to walk those halls to chase down less-seen stories, and were frankly surprised and disappointed with ourselves that we’d missed it. Then, after receiving some new high-resolution photography from Magna Steyr, we started researching this car for this story and did the math… and we realized we were a bit distracted that day.

You see, like so many on the ground in Frankfurt that day, we were all just a bit distracted by unfolding events. The date was September 11, 2001…

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