Formawerx OpenSpec DTM Key Arrives for Our quattro Sweepstakes Car

While we always knew it was coming, there’s just something about holding the Formawerx OpenSpec DTM key in your hand to really appreciate it. As we confirmed weeks ago, we have two planned for the winner of our Audi quattro Sweepstakes, and the first of those two has arrived.

A delay in production of their black finish keys will mean a delayed reveal of the second key.

If you don’t already know, California-based design firm Formawerx has been gaining more and more attention by turning something as mundane as an ignition key into something much more high design, using the best materials, innovative design and manufacturing to watchmaker standards.

Formawerx began by making keys for the Porsche 911, then moved into Land Rover Defender space and beyond. Most recently, three designs launched in their OpenSpec series have widened their appeal by making them compatible with nearly every pre-2000 car out there. While neither of the three designs of OpenSpec are specifically geared at a brand, each is inspired by automotive culture. In the case of the DTM design we chose, the weighted-to-one-side head design harkens the box flare fender design used on any number of 80s performance cars, and of course cars like our ur quattro.

Formawerx can also tailor even further. Beyond the aforementioned varied finishes, they can also etch specific details onto the key. In our case, we went with the “quattro” script logo on one side and the simplified Audi Club logo with the year 2022 to make something specifically tailored and special for our 2022 sweepstakes grand prize, a 1985 Audi quattro 20V.

If you’re headed to Carlisle or Radwood Philly in May, make sure to swing by and ask us to see the key. Holding it, feeling the weight and seeing the detail is really something to behold. If you have the means, we’d highly suggest getting one for yourself.

If you want a chance to win our 1985 Audi quattro 20V sweepstakes grand prize, along with a pair of Formawerx keys, please visit